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Last Updated: Sep 28, 2011 10:18AM BST
Schedules can be found under "my settings" > "schedules".

They are resources that are made available for your appointment types / services. They could represent a person, a team, a tennis court, a room, a doctor or a therapist.. whatever is appropriate and needs its own set of availabilities. A schedule is valid in time from a start date to an end date, which spans a year from today by default, but can be any set of arbitrary dates.. perhaps spanning a week in 22 days.. or perhaps spanning 10 years starting today. Anything goes.
WITHIN these two dates, the schedule will have slots for each day of the week.. which will recur every week as long as the schedule is available. Each group of slots can accept any combination of appointment types / services (all of them.. some or just one) and sets the when and how often start times will be made available. Not working on Sundays, just don't add any slots there. Need to accept appointment types A and B on Mondays from 8AM to 12PM.. you can add these slots. Want only appointment type B on Mondays from 1PM to 5PM.. you can do that too.
This is the second thing you need to set up and you need to have at least one.

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